Kingmaker I

2nd session

Continuing their exploration of the Greenbelt, there were a few discoveries. Peace was made with the Fey folk, a Grig named Tic-Tick Tyger and a Faerie Dragon. Some forgtten treasure from bandits was found, and a large swath of heavily trapped forest was made safe for travellers and animals.

A lost shrine to Erastil was found.

A burrow of Mites was rooted out, and a captive of the mites, a kobold that speaks halting Common was discovered, eager to have the PCs return to his clan with him, with the lost statue he had been seeking when he was captured by the Mites.


the group met, and were given writs to the Greenbelt.
arriving at Oleg’s outpost they met Oleg and Svetlana running the outpost.
taking an arrow in the eye, <andrew> nearly died. Happs, one of the four bandits attempting to rob the couple was captured, one bandit perished, the other two escaped.

resting up from their fight during the first week, the reinforcements for the outpost arrive, as well as a mendicant spirit, a priest of Erastil. After a week of exploring and convincing Happs of the error of his ways, they got the location of the bandit camp out of him.

The assault was rushed, hoping to catch the bandits unaware, but they were prepared, with all the bandits gathered in a clearing and lookouts posted. The fight didn’t go well, and after three of the group fell, the fourth fled, deafened, into the woods and back to the outpost, unaware that the reinforcements had tracked them down and managed to scare off the bandits and save the downed group members.

A somber month of exploration later, having discovered barbarian cairns, trapdoor spiders, pesky fey and hidden treasure, there have been no signs of more bandits, though Kessel and her crew of bandits are lurking somewhere in the woods.


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