Blidth Druug Maddox

Half-Orc Ranger


- Half Orc Ranger 2


Blidth Druug was born by an orc father and a human mother. His father left after knocking up the poor human, and she named the child “Bad Wolf” after the schmuck that abandoned her. However, she did love the child, as she would always have been fond of the father, that is, until she passed away when Blidth Druug was only 12.

The adolescent half-orc was already taller than an average full grown human man, and struck off on his own into the wilderness. He learned how to hunt and forage and roamed the wilds. Often going days with nothing to eat but pinecones and nothing to drink but the morning dew off the tree leaves, he developed an incredible survival instinct.

When he was only 17 he came upon a shack in the forest of the mountains where he met a handsome silver fox of a witch-man who took him in as a lover and apprentice teaching him minor hexes, though the half-orc barely had the patience for such spell craft, and was more interested in his bedroom appetite. After 3 years though, the pair had a massive falling out over an argument about tracking mud into the house, and Blidth Druug took off into the woods on his own.

When he was 22 he was attacked by a revenant zombie that had been raised by an amateur and broke free of it’s master’s control. Blidth Druug was caught off-guard but grappled and fought with the creature for hours until the inexperienced necromancer found them and laid the creature back to rest. In return for keeping the zombie contained and not letting it cause any further harm, the necromancer taught Blidth Druug the skills and tools to hunt the various forms of undead, and to either capture, or destroy them.

From that point on Blidth Druug became a bounty hunter of the undead. Whenever some rich family decided to raise a recently deceased to settle their estates but goes awry, or an evil sorcerer unleashes undead hell on a town, Blidth Druug is the bail bondsman of the undead that everyone calls.

He’s a down to earth kind of fellow who loves and appreciates nature’s bounty, and prefers the company of moss and his best friend (and ride), his horse Winchester. And now that he’s 30 years of age, he has chosen to expand his expertise into adventuring and lending his abilities for the good of the kingdom.

Blidth Druug Maddox

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