Human Aborrant Sorcerer


Born with a taint in my blood, one that is alien and bizarre, I tend to think in odd ways, approaching problems from an angle that most would not expect. That’s why I had to leave. They just didn’t understand me in my home town. I was seeking power. Power for good or power for evil was irrelevant to me. I am a sorcerer. I will enhance my magic by any means necessary. I wanted to push the physical limits of the world and see where it will go.

To do that, however, I had to flee. So I set out to Restov. The land I was from was lawful and ordered. I needed to escape those confines if I wanted to truly master my craft. I needed to be free.

I escaped to Restov alone. It was not an easy transition coming from a village run by the darkest souls imaginable. The reputation I had coming from a city like mine is not easy to escape. Luckily, after a good number of years, I was able to show people a more relatable side of me, the lawful, eager and curious side which most people took kindly to.

I was chartered by the king to explore the land of Greenbelt. I accepted, as I believe it will be a good way to learn and hopefully discover more about myself and my magic.


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